Rixton Clay Pits

07th November 2011
I was just getting ready to go to “The Eyes” and Neill Carden rang to see what I was doing as he had some free time.
After a bit of discussion we decided to have a look at Rixton Claypits which is only a short drive up the road. It’s probably closer to home than “The Eyes” but I don’t go that often and I probably should. Previous visits haven’t been that successful from the bird photography point of view and I’ve usually ended up photographing butterflies, dragonflies and plants but it is quite a large area and anything could drop in any time.

Anyway Neill had a plan and he had brought along an MP3 player with bird calls and a speaker that he promptly set up and started playing a Wrens’ song/call. It certainly did the trick and within a few minutes a Wren had appeared from the undergrowth and was even in a photographable position.

There were also another three moving around the undergrowth close by but didn’t fully reveal themselves and those efforts have been deleted.

A Buzzard landed in a tree a few hundred yards away and Neill changed the call on the MP3 player to that of a Buzzard but even though I could see it was interested, unfortunately it didn’t venture any closer.

After that we went for a bit of a wander and found some obliging Common Darters that didn’t mind being photographed in possibly the last of the summer sun.

We also had a look for some of the fungii that Neill had photographed not long ago but it had disappeared.

We eventually made our way back to our starting place and manged to get a photo of a Kestrel in flight, a Jay and some of the black sheep that have been introduced to the reserve.

A very pleasent morning.

Later on in the day I thought the moon looked pretty impressive and had a go at photographing it. It’s something I’ve done on quite a few occasions but I’ve never been that impressed with my previous efforts. I’ve got to say the resulting photographs are the best to date and the uncompressed photos look almost 3d. Whether the uploaded photos will look as good I don’t know.



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