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Latest Photographs portfolio
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Birds portfolio Mainly birds of the British Isles
but may include photos taken
when on holiday.
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Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve portfolio Photographs of the flora and fauna at my local nature reserve Woolston Eyes. A fantastic site to watch birds, with probably some of the best hides in the country.
It also has the added attraction of being able to see the beautiful Black-necked Grebe from around the end of March onwards. Unfortunately photo opportunities are limited due to the position of the hides in relation to the water and the feeding stations, although some recent changes may improve that. Watch this portfolio!!
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Mammals portfolio
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Landscapes portfolio
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Portraits portfolio The photos in the gallery are mainly family photos but if anyone living in the Warrington area is interested in a photo session please contact me.
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Butterflies & Moths portfolio
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Miscellaneous Photographs portfolio
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Dragonflies & Damselflies portfolio
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Plants & Flowers portfolio
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Buildings n Things portfolio
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Insects portfolio
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Fish portfolio
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Captive Animals portfolio
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Fungii portfolio
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Trees & Shrubs portfolio
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Frogs & Toads portfolio
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Lizards portfolio
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Ride & Skid It portfolio All Photos are for sale, just email me for details. Most photos are in 6 x 4 inch format but in most cases can be changed to 7 x 5, 10 x 8, etc. If you like monochrome, the photos can be converted. If there is a yellow cone or something that is distracting in the photo, in most cases it can be edited out on request i.e. if the photo is being purchased. The photos are displayed at 72dpi resolution, which is ok for the web but inevitably there is some loss in quality, however this doesn't affect the original file.