Hi, my name is Andrew Weir but everyone calls me Andy and I’m an amateur photographer based in Warrington, Cheshire in North West England.

I have had an interest in wildlife and nature for as long as I can remember and had my enthusiasm dampened many times after falling into numerous ponds as a lad. But that’s in the dim and distant past and much longer than I really care to remember.

During the 1980s I had a flirtation with photography taking many photographs of my children while they were young, which I enjoyed tremendously, along with being asked to take photos of god children and so on. However with a growing family work became more of a priority and photography fell by the wayside. I don’t think I picked a camera up again until the mid noughties around 2006.

After looking at some photographs of birds taken by one of my work colleagues, I decided that I'd like to try my hand at bird photography. Without knowing much about photographing birds I bought a mid-price camera and a long zoom lens and thought I’d be able to take photos like the pros. Wrong!!

Taking photographs of birds or any other wildlife in their natural habitat is not easy and requires skill, knowledge, perseverance and not least expensive kit and a degree of luck. The same applies to photographing the grandchildren, not an easy task but worthwhile the effort in the end. See some of the photos in the portrait gallery.

In pursuit of photographic perfection the expense goes on! Bigger and better camera, bigger and better lenses capable of photographing anything from the tiniest bug to widest expanse. Most of which I lug around with me wherever I go, so that all eventualities are covered. The trouble being by the time I’ve got to the hide or wherever I’m going, I need oxygen and an hour to recover from the exertion. So if you are ever in the Warrington area and you see an ould bloke carrying a big white lens, tripod, beanbag and camera bag looking in a state of collapse you know who it is.

Me in my old day job - now retired