30 Oct 12 Not The Best Weekend I've Ever Had!

01st November 2012

I went to the hide on Saturday but after getting some nice views of the birds on the previous weekends it was very poor.

There didn’t appear to be many birds around even though it was quite bright and not too cold.

Even the frequent flyers to the feeders like Blue and Great Tit were intermittent and at one stage I sat for 45mins without seeing a visiting bird!

Even so I still managed to get a few decent photos.

Blue Tit



Some time ago I’d booked to go on a woodland workshop and it seemed a good idea at the time.

However when I woke up on Sunday the forecasted rain was well and truly lashing down.

With reservation I got myself ready, thermal vest, polo shirt, jumper, Fleece, Weatherproof Jacket, neck warmer, multicoloured stupid hat, weatherproof pants, boots.

Well that was me weatherproofed, I hoped.

Check of equipment, got everything, including flask of coffee, sandwiches and biscuits that my wife made me take.

Loaded up the car and got on the road. At this stage it wasn’t raining and I was hopeful that even if not bright and sunny it wouldn’t rain. After a 45min drive I arrived at Roddlesworth Woods.

It was still pretty miserable but not raining so I was still hopeful. I decided to pay a quick visit to the loo and things started to deteriorate. A zip malfunction on my brand new Paramo pants, a piece of material jammed in the zip and could I zip myself up, no I couldn’t, I eventually broke the zip messing about!! Not a happy chappy.

Shortly after the person running the workshop turned up and introduced the other three attendees and went through the format of the workshop, etc.

After that we made our way into the woods the first sight of which looked stunning with a bright orange carpet of leaves covering the ground.

We left the path and made our way down the embankment to take some pictures of a moss covered tree that Andy was aware of.

Moss covered tree

We spent 30mins or so in the area taking photos of whatever took our fancy. Unfortunately during this time the rain started again only lightly but it was raining.

I also managed to lose my footing and fall over; luckily the camera was in the bag at the time but I received a real mud bath.

We then moved to a different area to try and get some water shots, the rain had now turned into a downpour, not nice. Unfortunately I didn’t have any camera protection but luckily Andy had a spare camera cover that he lent me. It’s a pity my spectacles didn’t have windscreen wipers fitted because I couldn’t see what I was doing.

On the plus side the rain does enhance the colours of the leaves, especially with a polariser fitted on the lens.

Autumn Leaves on Rock/b]

After that we moved upstream to take some photos of a small waterfall. With all the rain that had fallen there was plenty of water flowing over it and apparently it wasn’t as photogenic as usual.

I did take some photos in the area and there is one I like but it has been heavily edited in Photoshop; It is very abstract for me and I don’t expect many people to like it but someone might.

Autumnal Reds

Unfortunately it was still pouring down, I was soaked and I didn’t think it was doing the camera any good every time I took the cover off the camera to take a shot. To be honest I didn’t think that any of the photos would be any good either due to the rain on the lens, so I decided to call it a day and left the others to carry on with the workshop.

On the way back I had to walk through a flooded stream and got my feet soaking wet as the level of water went over my boots. Then I managed to take the wrong path and had to retrace my steps eventually and it was still raining; I couldn’t have got any wetter though!

I eventually made my way back to the car and boy was I glad to sit in it!! After eating a sandwich I started the journey back and it was still raining.

I had phoned my wife to tell her I was on the way back and there was a nice hot lunch and bubble bath waiting for me when I got home.

Incredibly when I uploaded the photos onto the computer there were a few that looked pretty good. Even the ones that suffered from rain on the front of the lens don’t look too bad and I was wondering if I could get away with saying it is artistic effect.

I have now dried out along with the camera equipment without ill effect.



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