30 Nov 13 Woolston Eyes

02nd December 2013
Saturday morning was nice and bright so I made my way to Woolston Eyes in the hope that something unusual may turn up.

There were a lot of cars parked up but I think most of the people must have been bird ringing as I only saw a handful of people.

As I walked across the footbridge I could see what looked like a raptor in a tree not too far away which turned out to be a common Kestrel; I usually see them on a lamp-post when I’m driving and without a camera.

It stayed there just long enough to take a couple of shots but they weren’t anything to write home about.

Common Kestrel

When I reached the first viewing hide I had a look over the water but couldn’t see very much however there was a digger over to the left that appeared to be making a bank of soil. I know there has been talk of building a Sand Martin bank so whether that’s what that is I don’t know.

I wandered off to the John Morgan Hide but on the way I found a tree and I thought the leaves looked stunning against the blue sky so I couldn't resist taking a photograph.

When I entered the hide and looked out over the water I was amazed to
see how much work has been done in front of the hide to improve the scrape. A lot of soil has been removed and the water was much closer to the hide and around five long islands made.

Work to improve the scrape

Probably due to the work being carried out, unsurprisingly there weren't many birds on the water but there were plenty of finches around the feeders and the nearby trees.



After leaving the John Morgan Hide I went to the Rotary Hide and again very little on the water. However there were a couple of Canada Geese and a Magpie on one of the rafts.

I'm not sure what happened but the Magpie ended up in the water.

I watched the bird struggling frantically to fly out of the water but it was well and truly waterlogged; I continued to watch it for about 15mins and it was flapping and paddling it's way to the far bank. Unfortunately I had to leave so I've no idea as to its fate.

On the way back I found some fungi worth taking a photograph of.


I also liked the natural curve of the branch and the berries on another tree.

I eventually made my way back to the footbridge and noticed the really nice reflection of the trees on the water.

Autumnal Reflections

Another successful morning down at "The Eyes"

Thanks for reading.


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