23 July 2012 Indoor Photography

30th July 2012
Last weekend was quite busy as we had visits from family and relatives who all wanted photographs taking.

One couple are setting up a website to sell dog beds made from a waterproof material, another pair are setting up a website to sell various accessories for pets and finally another group wanted some family shots taking.

I’ve got to say I’ve not taken many photographs of objects and was at a bit of a loss of how to take a photograph that showed off a dark coloured dog bed to its best advantage.

Tuffmutts dog beds

We did try putting a dog on the dog bed but it didn’t want to know so that avenue closed pretty rapidly. People say never work with animals and children and I think there may be something in that.

The pet accessory shots went ok as I do have a light tent that I could use. However a couple of the products were packaged in a cellophane type material and even with a polarising filter on the lens to reduce the reflections the photographs weren’t good!
If anyone has some ideas on how to reduce reflections without removing the packaging let me know.


The portrait session went ok, although initially I had a problem with the flash exposure meter and also the remote flash trigger; luckily both problems resolved themselves after a few minutes.

This session also gave me the opportunity to try out the black background as well as the highlight background. Unfortunately we didn’t change to the black background until near the end of the session and we only managed to take about 10 shots before they’d had enough. Personally I think I prefer the shots taken with the dark background.

I’ve reviewed the photographs and there a few failures due to the usual reasons like someone shutting their eyes or pulling a funny face just as the shutter opens. However I do think Richard & Emma should be able to find some photographs they like out of them.

This session also gave me an opportunity to try and produce some different styles of photograph. I like what I’ve produced but whether they are to Richard and Emmas’ taste I’m not sure; although I like them I don’t think I’d display them in the living room though.

Thanks for reading.


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