21 Sep 13 At The Hide

23rd September 2013
I went to my hide on Saturday and things were very slow, the only thing that went quickly was time, tempus fugit and all of that.

After topping up the feeders it took some time for anything to come to them but as it happened the first bird to arrive strutted in and it was a male Pheasant, which was closely followed by a female.

When I’m in the hide I can generally hear the Pheasants before I see them as they make a strange noise whilst they are wandering about and I don’t mean the alarm call.

Male Pheasant

I think the plumage of the male pheasant is stunning but not many people comment about its iridescence, I suppose if it was less common more people would comment.

The only other birds that visited the feeders were Blue Tit, Great Tit and Robin.

Blue Tit

The Blue Tit was on high alert as soon as it heard the camera shutter however the Robin was unperturbed.


While I was sat in the hide with my mind wandering between this and that I noticed a spider just outside hides window and close enough to take a photo with the 180mm macro lens.

I’m not certain which spider it actually is but I think it is a Common Orb-Weaver.

Common Orb-weaver Spider

Shortly after it’s mate joined it and I think they had an amorous encounter.

Common Orb-Weaver Spiders

Having read up on these spiders the larger one of the two is the female and she spends most of her time if not on the web very close to it.

Apparently the male has to approach very carefully otherwise he may end up as lunch; the female of the species is deadlier than the male! In this case he survived to live another day.

Thanks for reading.


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