13 Oct 2012 Saturday at the Hide

15th October 2012
I paid another visit to the hide on Saturday morning and had a really good photo session.

After topping the feeders up it didn’t take long for the birds to arrive with Blue Tit and Great Tit being frequent visitors.

Great Tit

I didn’t see a Robin during my last visit but that was soon remedied and he posed nicely.


After a while I heard the ticking of Wrens there was obviously more than one around but as they are skulking birds and spend most of their time in the undergrowth they weren’t easy to see. However one did come out into the open eventually and gave me my best shot of a Wren. I’m pleased about that.


I hadn’t seen any Goldfinch during my last visit but a couple turned up to feed on the Sunflower seeds but they didn’t pose at all.

A Dunnock made itself known and he posed nicely for a while.


A Magpie turned up but he only landed for a microsecond before he was off again. Magpies did come in earlier in the year but they do seem very timid and the slightest noise and they’re off. I’m hoping for a Jay to turn up as they are around in the area but from experience they are also extremely flighty.

A Great Spotted Woodpecker flew in and landed long enough to take a couple of shots, I hadn’t seen Great spotted Woodpecker from the hide before so that was a first.

Great Spotted Woodpecker

A pair of Pheasants strolled in for a look around they didn’t stay long but long enough to get a few shots.


The Tits were flying in and out all the time offering a constant supply of photo opportunities.

I’d been in the hide for about three hours and it was reaching time for home when I saw a small bird fly into the Conifers that I was pretty sure was a Goldcrest, our smallest bird along with the Firecrest. I scanned the conifers and eventually caught sight of it and yes Goldcrest confirmed.

Unfortunately it is a bit like the Wren and doesn’t spend much time out into the open and it quickly disappeared into the conifers.

I was definitely reluctant to leave now and kept willing it to reappear and it did, even long enough for me to get a few decent shots. My only photos of Goldcrest have been taken on the feeders in my garden so I was pleased to get something more natural looking.


Shortly afterwards I went home feeling very pleased with my mornings efforts.

Thanks for reading.


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