09 Oct 2012 The Hide

09th October 2012
Since my photo buddy Neill moved to pastures new I haven’t been to the hide that we set up.

However I did see the lady that owns the land and I asked if it was still ok to visit the hide and luckily she agreed.

So I visited the hide on Sunday and as I expected the area had become overgrown with nettles, Himalayan Balsam, grass and the hide itself was minging. Spider’s webs, other insects and the rodents of the fields had been visiting by the looks of things.

Armed with a brush and shovel I set about the place and after a short while it was looking much better. I wouldn’t say a home from home but clean enough to sit in.

I flattened some of the vegetation around the feeding station and filled the feeders then waited with the camera.

The first visitor to call was Coal Tit followed quickly by Great Tit and then Dunnock.

Great Tit monochrome conversion


I could hear the clicking of a Wren for a while and it eventually gave a clear view and a chance of a reasonable shot. Most of my other shots of Wren have been in the depths of the undergrowth so it was a nice change to get a picture under well-lit conditions!


There was plenty of activity overhead with Crow, Wood Pigeon and some of the smaller birds flying around. I could also hear the mew of Buzzard but couldn’t see it and then two flew over in quick succession.

As I was making my way back I also saw Pheasants and a Sparrowhawk.

Sparrowhawk a bit distant for a good photo

It wasn’t a very long visit but there was plenty to see and hopefully it will give me the opportunity to get some more nice shots in the future.

Great Tit on the single perch I currently have

I know however that I need to get a variety of perches to photograph the birds on but I have a feeling that finding suitable perches may be easier said than done. It’s certainly something to think about.



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