08 May 2012 Our New Hide

09th May 2012
It was a bit of a full house from Thursday through to Monday with visiting family including three grandchildren, so not much opportunity to photograph any birds. Having said that I did manage to take a few photos in the garden while the rest of the crowd visited the Crocky Trail at Chester.

Greenfinch in the garden

However Tuesday was a lovely day and luckily I had booked a holiday so I went to the hide that Neill Carden and myself have set up.

The front of the hide faces north so the feeders and the few perches that we have set up should be pretty well lit most of the day.

It is only a small hide but could probably fit three people at a push however there wouldn’t be much room to move arms and legs.

Our New Hide

After topping up the feeders and throwing some seed on the ground it didn’t take long for the birds to swoop in. I think the Goldfinch were first to arrive, followed by Robin, Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Great Tit and Tree Sparrow. Getting them to land on the feeders isn’t much of a problem, getting them to land on the other perches isn’t quite as easy.


Tree Sparrow

After about 30mins a Yellowhammer arrived, it spent some time feeding on the ground. The rest of the time in the conifers but at a distance/height that allowed it to be photographed. There were at least two Yellowhammers around for most of the morning.



The times I’ve seen Yellowhammer previously have been very few and far between and generally at some distance. So to get some good photographs after six years of trying is a real bonus.

Other birds I saw were Dunnock, Carrion Crow, Magpie, Blackbird, Lapwing, Wood Pigeon, Collared Dove, Grey Partridge & Swallow, I was pretty sure I could hear a Skylark close by but I didn’t catch sight of it. While I was watching from the hide I also saw Orange Tip, Small Tortoiseshell and Small White Butterflies.

Grey Partridge

Of course I missed the Black Tern at Woolston Eyes that was seen on the 1st of May and from the photo I’ve seen, it landed on the perch for the gulls & Kingfisher in front of the centre hide, drat and double drat. On Saturday 5th May two more of my bogey birds Cuckoo and Grasshopper Warbler were singing/calling on No3 bed. I’ll see them eventually I suppose!

From experience I seem to wait ages to see and photograph a bird then they seem to appear with regularity for a while and then they disappear again.

The Reed Buntings that have frequented the feeders in our garden since late last year now appear to have departed but seem to have been replaced by a pair of Bullfinches, I’ve not tried to photograph them, yet!



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